Alarms & Automation


IT's more than just an alarm system

Our home alarm platform offers advanced features that go beyond simply arming and disarming your home. Watch the short video clip below for an overview of features:

Alarm system features include:

  • Remote arming/disarming
  • Real time alerts
  • Location-based automation (set it to disarm when you pull in the drive way or vice versa)
  • Easy user management- quickly add or delete users and set specific access times

Works even when:

  • Phone line is cut
  • Power is out
  • Internet is down

Home Automation

There is more to home security than just updated alarm technology. Home automation provides extra layers of security and ultimate peace of mind.

Have you ever wondered...

  • If you closed the garage?
  • Is the front door locked?
  • Did I adjust the thermostat before I left for vacation?
  • Did the kids get home yet?


  • Check the status of your garage door on your phone. If it is open, close it!
  • Lock doors and change thermostat remotely
  • Alerts when kids turn off alarm
  • Cool off your house before you arrive
  • Turn on porch lights at night
  • Bringing in groceries? Disarm alarm, unlock the door, and turn on the porch light from the car

Smart Home Automation allows you to remotely monitor and control:

  • Garage doors
  • Door locks
  • Thermostat
  • Video cameras (Read more)
  • Smoke, heat and CO2 detectors

WHy home automation?

  • Alerts notify you of security breaches and prompt you to take actions to secure your home. You'll also be alerted of any power outages and restorals. This is helpful if there are pets in the home that may need attention.
  • User management allows you to easily add and delete users and set access times. If you unexpectedly need to prevent somebody from going into your house, remove them in seconds. Don't want your dog walker having 24/7 access to your home? User access times only allow their code to work within the determined time frame.
  • Emergency weather alerts will warn you if you are in imminent danger giving you time to take precautions. Read about how an emergency weather alert saved this family from a tornado
  • Running scheduled routines at night will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Lock all doors, close garage, arm windows and doors, and adjust the AC.
  • Location-based heating and cooling allow you to be comfortable while maximizing savings. Reduce your utility with home automation!