Security Cameras

It's becoming more and more necessary to keep eyes on your property. You may want to keep an eye on your fur babies, make sure your kids got home safely, or watch your package deliveries. No matter your reason, we can help. The best part of our systems is they are designed exactly to meet your needs. User settings allow you to create a system that works exactly how you want it.

Doorbell Cameras: 

-Know who is at the door before you answer it.

-If you aren't home, you can know that somebody is at your door and who it is. Sometimes thieves will knock to see if anybody is home. Two way audio will allow you to communicate with whoever is at your door.

-Package theft is becoming a huge problem. Over 11 million homeowners were victims of package theft last year. A doorbell camera will allow you to see when the delivery driver delivers your package. You can run home and get it or you can even unlock the front door and have the driver stick it in the house. You'll be able to watch him while remotely unlocking and locking the door. (Read more about smart locks)

-Doorbell cameras will also record if the system is triggered. You can change the settings to record when the alarm is triggered, a door is unlocked, or someone opens the garage. You can check on your kids and spouse and make sure they made it safely inside.

Check out this short video for more information on doorbell cameras.

Image Sensors: 

-An image sensor is a device that combines a motion sensor and camera. It captures pictures when motion is detected. It is even equipped with night vision LED flash to capture images 24/7. This allows you to quickly identify intruders or false alarms.

-Use the app to peek in on your home anytime. Not only does it just take pictures, the camera can also be used to live-monitor what is happening inside your home.

-See who is coming through the front door every time it's opened. That ensures that only family and friends are coming through the door. Make sure your children aren't bringing any unwanted visitors home either.

-All pictures are captured and saved in a searchable library. Maybe you don't need a picture every time something happens. If you have several people in your household it can get excessive. The image library allows you to scroll back in time and review images. You know, for those times when the dog gets out and everybody is finger-pointing.

-User settings and rules allow you to use your system in a way that is truly beneficial to you. Set rules to capture images during alarm events or other system triggers. You can also receive text image alerts as well. The great thing is that if it's too much or too little info, you can change it to better meet your needs.

Indoor & Outdoor Cameras: 

- We have a wide range of cameras available for your home. During your home consultation our technicians will help you determine which camera is best for you.

-Indoor and outdoor cameras provide all the same services and functions as the doorbell camera and image sensor. The difference is that the security cameras can be used to continuously record. You can go back at anytime and watch recorded video. All from one app.

-Monitor your property, check on your pets, watch the pool area, make sure your packages don't get stolen, check on the babysitter, monitor gun safes and liquor cabinets. The list of solutions goes on and on. Security and surveillance protects you, your family and your property.

Our residential surveillance solutions are great for keeping your home safe. However, we do offer commercial surveillance solutions as well. These solutions are for residential clients looking for higher camera counts, higher resolution, better night time performance or advanced analytics. These solutions are great for neighborhood entrance/exits and common areas.