Access Control

Commercial access control systems provide an additional layer of protection to properties and facilities. They help prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. This reduces the chance that an incident will take place on your property. It also makes tenants/residents feel more safe and secure and increases property value.

Property Access

We offer property-wide access control solutions so you can keep intruders out. Telephone entry protects communities and provides safety and security. We'll also install the gate entry or barrier arms. A variety of access controls can be used for entry including cards, codes, and bio metrics. We also offer long range readers for automatic entry. We can secure parking lots, parking garages, residential communities, and more.

Building and Room Access

Secure your commercial building, suite, office, or data room. Our building and room access units are stand alone and work off batteries. This means the unit is protected from power outages and other security breaches. Remote management software is easy to use allowing you to quickly add and delete users. Access control provides businesses with many solutions including eliminating key distribution and time attendance for payroll.


Gotcha surveillance proudly offers the latest and greatest in security solutions. Biometric access control is available for businesses looking to take their security to the next level. Unique identifiers include fingerprints, hand geometry, retina and iris patterns, and voice waves. Protect your most important data with biometrics.

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