Intrusion Alarms

Protect your business with smart business security. An alarm system that works with other smart devices to bring you added security, safety, and convenience. The system can be taken from a simple alarm system to full business automation. Our team of security specialists will help you choose the best products for your business.


Protect your assets with an alarm system. When burglars trigger an alarm, they move faster because they know police are on the way. This minimizes the damage to you. They have less time to grab things or rummage for valuable items. Depending on police response times, burglars may even be caught fleeing the scene. Video verification can increase response times.

Smart devices work with the alarm for added security. Install a smart door lock for employee access instead of key distribution. Check and make sure doors are locked at any time with remote access. Doors can be locked or unlocked from an app anywhere in the world.

 Employee Safety

Your employees are important to you. That means they deserve to be protected too. A picture is captured when the alarm is armed and disarmed. These pictures come to your phone as an alert. This lets you know your employees are okay. Plus, it gives employees peace of mind while opening and closing. A panic button on the alarm panel allows them to call immediately for help.


The best part of smart business security? The convenience for you. Easily manager users across multiple locations all from your phone. No more worrying about ex-employees having alarm codes. There’s no delay in removing them from the system. If you invest in smart locks, no more key retrieval or replacement lock costs. Prevent unauthorized access by limited employee access to business hours only. A smart thermostat will allow you to lock out local users and monitor the temperature.

Our alarm system program can be accessed using a phone, computer, tablet, or Apple Watch. The system has rules and scenes you can set up for easy opening and closing. For example, when the alarm is disarmed the temperature goes down and the lights turn on. The system will alert you about unusual activity or late opens and closings.

Professional Monitoring

The best way to minimize damage is to professionally monitor your alarm system. When an alarm is triggered, a professional from our monitoring station will respond. They will call two contacts for your property and then law enforcement. This means your property is monitored 24/7.

MDU/ Enterprise level available. Call for details. 

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