CCTV Services

Security cameras are great assets. A variety of features and services are available to maximize your camera’s potential. Features like remote access allow you to view your property 24/7. Services like health monitoring minimize camera downtime. System repairs and maintenance are available to new and existing customers on an hourly basis. If you are considering upgrading a current system, please schedule a consultation contact us.

Remote Access

Check in on your property from anywhere in the world. As long as you have wi-fi or cellular service, you can monitor your properties in real-time. Check on your facilities after hours, on weekends, or over holiday breaks. Remote access is the quickest ways to get your own eyes on the scene. All Gotcha Security systems come standard with remote access features. Curious if your system has remote access? Give us a call.

Surveillance Camera Repair

We are here to help. If you have a system that needs repairs or maintenance, we’re happy to service it. We service surveillance (CCTV) systems, access control units, and gates. New customers are subject to first-time diagnostic fees. Call our office for rates and to schedule a service call.

Health Monitoring

In a perfect world, all security cameras would stay up and running 24/7. Sadly, that is not the case. Like all other technology, sometimes CCTV systems malfunction. Again, like other technology, sometimes all it requires is a simple reset. Health monitoring monitors the “health” of each camera and alerts when a camera is down. We’ll reset the camera remotely, which may save you a service call fee.  Health monitoring is an optional service on all systems. It may also be available for systems not installed by Gotcha Security. Contact us for details.

Live Monitoring

Peace of mind is knowing your property is watched 24/7. Our live-monitoring service will watch the cameras on your property and report any potential issues. Response protocol is determined by the customer. Live-monitoring services can reduce the number of “boots on the ground” saving you money.

Video Retrieval

Need help accessing video footage on your system? We are happy to help. On-site visits for video retrieval are service calls with hourly billing. Remote support is available for existing clients at a discounted rate.  All key staff members are trained in retrieving video after an installation. Remote training for new staff members is available.

Interested in advanced analytics? Things like license plate recognition, line crossing, abandoned objects? Read more about analytics and CCTV.

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