Companies decide to invest in CCTV systems for a variety of reasons. Most commonly they're installed to protect company assets and people. A surveillance system can help uphold the dignity and reputability of companies and facilities by decreasing crime, increasing safety, lowering liabilities and more. But how? How is a surveillance system capable of doing all of these things? Surveillance gives you knowledge of facts you otherwise would not have known. An insight into the activity on your property, hotel, facility, and more. Video footage can provide new avenues of problem-solving. Whether it's detecting illegal activity, recovering damages, securing a community, improving production processes, or finding weak spots in other security elements. It's also a solid protector against faulty liability claims. A surveillance system protects your bottom line immediately, giving you one of the best ROI's.

CCTV System Solutions

General Surveillance Benefits:

  • Theft-deterrent: Criminals are less likely to target facilities with surveillance cameras.
  • Safer Working Environments: Team members are more likely to follow proper safety procedures knowing their actions are being recorded.
  • Prosecution: Video evidence can help with criminal prosecution and recovering damages.
  • Insurance Fraud: Prevent fraudulent insurance claims from being successful against your property. Your insurance agency may even offer a discount for securing your property.
  • Remote Access: Access live-view cameras or retrieve video anytime, anywhere.
  • "Boots on the ground": Lower operating costs by reducing on-site security personnel. Live-monitoring and dispatch can be a more affordable alternative.


Multi-Family Property Benefits:

  • Entrances & Exits: Capture all vehicle and pedestrian traffic arriving and leaving. This gives you the power of knowing who has been on your property, when, and for how long.
  • Gate damage: Protect your bottom line from gate damages and repairs. Typically, a driver's insurance policy will cover damage if you have the tag # and video evidence.
  • Illegal Dumping: Keep an eye on who's dumping things at your trash bin. Prosecute individuals for illegal dumping on your property.
  • Increased Rents: Securing a community makes residents feel safer and willing to pay higher rents. Residents are more likely to be satisfied and renew leases when they feel management cares about their safety.
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CCTV surveillance system job site construction

Builders and Developers

You want more than the best system for the best price. You want to install a system that saves you money while WOWing the project owner.

  • Early Installation & Equipment: Secure your job-site early on with surveillance cameras and maybe analytics. This can prevent equipment or valuable metal from being stolen from the site. The same hardware can be moved and used as the project outlines.
  • 'Traveling Surveillance'': Take your CCTV system from job-site to job-site to ongoingly protect your assets.
  • Pleasing your clients: A system that saves your client money and produces a huge ROI will certainly be pleased.



Hotels are subject to rules, regulations, and potential lawsuits. Cameras in hotels promote a culture of safety and awareness.

  • Guest Safety & Compliance: Ensure guests are following hotel rules. Identify potential hazards or trespassers early on. Monitor garages, restaurants, and bars to protect guests and reduce risks.
  • Reduced Staffing Costs: Reduce staff on the ground by using security cameras, advanced analytics, and AI to capture abnormal behavior.
  • Pleased Guests: Guests want peace of mind. Lowering crime rates will increase guest satisfaction from feeling more safe and secure.
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