Gate Entry

Protect your property from unwanted visitors. Gates help limit property access to only authorized persons. Gates should be fully operational and "up-time" should be maximized. Gotcha Security is proud to offer integrated gate and access control systems for different property types. If your gate is pre-existing or still in the design stage, we handle your gate operations ensuring efficiency and higher ROI.


If you're thinking about securing your property or facility with a gate, the first step is design. What are the goals of the gate? How much of the perimeter will you cover? It's important to protect your gate investment with license plate cameras. Gate design matters. Our security experts at Gotcha Security have years of experience and training designing gates.


After a design is approved, installation is scheduled. We value technical integrity and ensure all of our installations are top quality. We handle everything from calling about utility lines to project clean up. At the end of the installation, the on-site contact will do a walk-through of the system and will be trained to use any software.

Maintenance and Repairs

The less downtime a gated entry has, the higher the ROI. It's important that your gates are maintained in a timely manner. Gotcha Security performs service calls on gates at our hourly rate. Even if your gate was installed by another company we are happy to provide service.

Gate Entry and Controlled Access

Protect your residents and property from unwelcomed guests. Telephone entry controls entrances and exits, preventing unauthorized access. Not only does this reduce the chances of crime, but residents feel safer. Protect yourself against liability from gate damage with license plate cameras.

We are proudly partnered with DoorKing but work with multiple manufacturers. Call us if you have a repair need.

Proudly partnered with Doorking and ZKAccess.

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