System Design & Installation

The key to an effective security system is quality design and installation. Your property or facility is unique and deserves a system that meets its needs. A custom designed system met with excellent execution is the best way to protect your property, assets, and employees.


factors considered during design:

  • Nighttime lighting
  • Correct camera angles and clear line of sights
  • Availability of electricity at remote locations
  • Ensuring cameras are tamper-free
  • Level of resolution
  • Wireless alternatives
  • Ceiling types
  • Location of recorders in proximity to cameras
  • Use of analytics


Our surveillance installations are of the highest standards. No shortcuts and no generalizations. We are highly experienced in both the IT and construction side of the installation. This means smoother project management and better results.

We have one goal for installation. Integrate the surveillance system into the surrounding environment. Simple right? This means incorporating the system in with current networks, technology, operations, and aesthetics. We want your surveillance system to make your life easier, not harder. That's why we focus on integration.


Surveillance System Installation

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