Amazon Key for Business

An easier and more efficient way for multi-family units to receive Amazon packages

Amazon Key

Installation is Seamless and Free

Yes that's right, INSTALLATION IS COMPLETELY FREE! The Key for Business smart key fob integrates seamlessly into existing access systems, and the fob, installation, and maintenance are free of charge.

Streamline Amazon Deliveries

Gives Amazon drivers the ability to access buildings and deliver packages without any help from the staff via the Key for Business smart fob and Amazon delivery App.

Increases Building Security and Safety

Key for Business only grants access after validating a driver's ID, route, location, and time of day, and it reports time logs to the existing access control system.

Multifamily apartment community building with blue sky
vehicle entry gate

Reduces Failed Delivery Attempts

Step-by-step delivery instructions, including pictures, ensure drivers deliver packages to the proper location and increase delivery accuracy by 80%.

Helps You Save

Key for Business helps you eliminate the need to maintain staffing during Amazon's delivery window, and reduces staff time spent managing packages.

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