Capturing License Plate Numbers

When a community faces property damage, crime, or illegal dumping it can cost big time. You'll be responsible for picking up the expenses. This could inhibit cash flow down the road or lower operating income.  Cash isn't the only cost. Failing to repair damages or identify suspects can cost your property's reputation. The good news is that there's a way to safeguard your company. Believe it or not, license plate numbers can save your company thousands. Special cameras allow users to read tags on traffic coming in and out. This gives management the power to hold the correct individual(s) responsible. In the event of a crime, license plate numbers can aid police investigations.

License Plate Reader Camera

License Plate Reader vs. Recognition

A license plate camera, also known as a license plate reader is programmed to capture license plate tags. Using special lighting and adjusting for vehicle speed, the camera is able to capture the license plate. The end user will be able to identify the tag # during playback.

License plate recognition, on the other hand, is advanced analytics.  Software recognizes the tag # and stores it in a database. This is different from "readers" which are cameras or hardware. The software also allows you to manage alerts. For example, receive alerts for prohibited or high-profile vehicles.

Gate Damage and Car Insurance

When a driver is at-fault for damaging a gate, their car insurance will typically pay for damages. If you, of course, have the license plate # and video of them hitting your gate. A gate has a higher chance of getting hit if cars "tailgate" in behind others.

vehicle gate entry damage

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