Surveillance Analytics

Video analytics can transform a standard surveillance system into a powerful tool. Instant notification of threats puts you ahead of the game and prevents damage. All analytics record data in a log that is available to the end user at any time. Listed below are analytics available to maximize the power of your surveillance system.

Traffic Monitoring

Detect stopped vehicles, conduct traffic counts, record vehicle speeds, and watch cars that are tailgating thru gates. Traffic monitoring software provides data that businesses can analyze for operations improvements.


  • Construction & Development: Understand traffic flow patterns and congestion issues around new construction
  • Multi-Occupant property managers: Automatic detection of a road rule violation allows you to stop dangerous drivers and promote safety in your community
  • Hotels: Monitor parking decks and garages to ensure guest safety and compliance.
Monitor vehicle traffic on your property or facility.

license plate recognition

License Plate Reader Camera

Know exactly who is coming on and off your property with license plate recognition software. Specialized cameras and careful design guarantee that every tag number will be captured. No matter the industry, capturing guarantees that you will recover damages and prosecute criminals.


  • Alerts when prohibited vehicles enter the property
  • Catch tailgaters and recover gate damages
  • Know who is illegally dumping on your property
  • Video evidence to prosecute criminals for property crimes

Facial recognition

Using biometrics facial recognition software compares incoming images against a database. When a match is made you'll receive a notification and it will record in the video log.


  • VIP lists - Have staff notified when high rollers or VIP enter the property.
  • Offenders- Build a database of known shoplifters, trespassers, etc and be notified if they reenter the property.
  • Employee verification - Create a report of employees on site/off site times, locations during the day.
  • Access control - use for verification to secure areas, create a visual log report.
  • Data centers - Limit and track who has access to sensitive data areas.
Facial Recognition

Line crossing

Advanced Analytics Surveillance Cameras

Set a perimeter around a prohibited area and receive instant notification when somebody crosses the line. It can be a building after hours, a pool at night or during off season, or a fence that you don’t want people jumping. This helps protect sensitive areas from vandalism and limits liability.


  • Building managers: Unauthorized access to a classified area
  • Property managers: Night swimmers in an apartment community
  • Construction/Development: Notification of intruders at night

Abandoned Object

Items left inside a perimeter for more than 10 seconds the camera deems it an abandoned object.


  • Detect illegal dumping at community dumpster
  • Abandoned items at airport or bus stop
Funny broken furnitures trash pile at yard

People Counting

Supermarket Cashier Line

Accurately count how many people on site (currently and in the past), where they visited on-site, and how long they remained at each location. This software is especially helpful to those who use consumer behavior data for marketing research or business analytics.


  • Check out lines - Create accurate reports of how long customers remained in line at check out
  • Displays - Create reports for how long customers remained at new displays or certain parts of the store
  • Marketing -  measure the results of new visitors against recent marketing campaigns

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