Amazon Key for Business

Gotcha Security is always looking for way to help improve multi unit and family properties security including gate maintenance and CCTV cameras. Amazon Key for Business allows amazon drivers to deliver packages easier and more efficiently. Gotcha Security has now partnered with Amazon to help install and maintain Amazon Key for Business in multi unit and family properties. Here are a few ways Amazon Key for Business can help multi unit properties:

Streamline Deliveries

Amazon Key for Business gives Amazon drivers the ability to access buildings and deliver packages without any help from property staff. These drivers will have key fobs that allow easier and safer access to your property.

Increases Safety

Amazon Key for Business on grants access to drivers after validating their driver's ID, route, location and time of day. It can report time logs to existing access control systems.

Reduces the amount of failed deliveries

Amazon Key for Business was created to make life easier for both the Property Managers and Amazon drivers. Step by Step delivery instructions which include pictures, ensures drivers deliver packages to the correct location and increase accuracy by 80%.

Help you Save

Amazon Key for Business eliminates the need to have and maintain staff during Amazon's delivery window. It also reduces the time spent managing these packages.

Installation is Free!

Yes that's right. The installation and maintenance is completely free. All you need to do is call Gotcha Security to have it installed. Amazon Key for Business integrates with almost all access control systems.


Call today to have your Amazon Key for Business installed!

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