Improve your Apartment Pool Security with these Tips!

Swimming pools can become a huge liability with multi-family properties, but they can also be a buying aspect for a tenant. On average renters pay 4.7% more in rent for the luxury of a swimming pool. Property owners are held to a high standard of providing safety, and should take extra precautions insuring the safety of the tenants with amenities such as pools. Here are a few tips to secure your pool this upcoming summer:

  • Put alarms on entry ways that access the pool

This includes doors and windows. Installing alarms will help keep track of people entering and leaving.

  • Have a first aid kit available

Children are notorious for running and skinning knees. Keeping a first aid kit readily available will not only be convenient for smaller injuries, but it will also show tenants that the property management is prepared.

  • Use the right fencing

Using a fours sided fence that is at least five feet high will help people from intruding on the property. Also using self latching or closing gates is always a good idea.

  • Use the correct surveillance cameras

Choosing the right equipment and cameras for your property is very important. Check out our selection!

Help your tenants enjoy the community pool this summer by keeping the area secure and safe!

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