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Access Control Systems for Apartment Buildings

Today, a growing number of property management firms appreciate the virtues of access control systems in residential settings. Once reserved primarily for large corporations, industrial settings, and office towers, these security tools now also perform a significant role in mixed commercial and residential venues as well. Apartment complexes increasingly utilize access control systems today. Locksmiths and security…
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Amazon Key for Business

Gotcha Security is always looking for way to help improve multi unit and family properties security including gate maintenance and CCTV cameras. Amazon Key for Business allows amazon drivers to deliver packages easier and more efficiently. Gotcha Security has now partnered with Amazon to help install and maintain Amazon Key for Business in multi unit…
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Improve your Apartment Pool Security with these Tips!

Swimming pools can become a huge liability with multi-family properties, but they can also be a buying aspect for a tenant. On average renters pay 4.7% more in rent for the luxury of a swimming pool. Property owners are held to a high standard of providing safety, and should take extra precautions insuring the safety…
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