Design & Installation


We strongly believe an ounce of prevention prevents a pound of cure. That is why our team starts every project by meeting with our client to determine requirements, budgets and special circumstances. Once we have these items, our team works with the client to design a surveillance system that meets these requirements.

Some factors we consider when designing a surveillance system:

  • Nighttime lighting
  • Possibility of vandalism
  • Angles of coverage
  • Availability of electricity at remote locations
  • Level of resolution
  • Lighting issues such as headlights, reflections off windows/glass displays
  • Wireless alternatives

By carefully planning and designing the surveillance system, we ensure that our client's expectations are met and exceeded, with no surprises.


Once a project is ready to be installed, our installation teams  install all aspects of the surveillance system to the highest standards. It is our goal to integrate the surveillance system into the surrounding environment as much as possible.

Some techniques we use:

  • Fishing wires through walls
  • Burying exterior cable
  • Using poles that match nearby gate/fence
  • Painting cameras to match environment

A properly designed and installed surveillance system will give you the desired results, while remaining aesthetically pleasing.