Did you catch us at the AAA show?

Showcasing security solutions to the apartment industry 

Last month the Gotcha Surveillance team attended the Atlanta Apartment Association trade show. We were eager to meet with industry professionals as well as network with other businesses. Trade shows can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating but we were up for the challenge. Throughout the day we met with a wide range of people. This included residential property managers, leasing consultants, maintenance staff, construction coordinators, and other business owners. We learned quickly that EVERYBODY could benefit from additional surveillance and advanced analytics. We were dealing with the apartment industry so the problems were generally illegal dumping, night swimmers, destruction of property, and issues with access control and gates.

The worst stories came from those that already owned surveillance systems. We heard several horror stories about systems failing when they were needed the most. Solving burglaries, property destruction crimes, and sometimes murders is much more difficult when it’s not caught on video. Even if a system is working properly, cameras don’t help much if they’re low-quality and blurry. If an investment has ever failed you, you know how these people were feeling. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to safety and security.

Installing high quality cameras with advanced analytics can be of huge value to property managers and apartment communities. Our wireless systems allow you to monitor the entire property, catch perpetrators and therefore deter future crime. Reducing crime in an apartment community has a lot of benefits. Tenants feel safer, and are more likely to resign leases which reduces costs associated with finding new tenants or having open units. Additionally, when crime is lower and tenants feel safer, rent is higher. Apartment communities with low crime typically charge higher rent than their high-crime counterparts. However, there is more to it than just tenants feeling protected. Catching a criminal allows you to hold somebody personally liable for a situation safeguarding your property from any law suits.

Many property managers and staff members were intrigued with the technology available to them. We believe that a properly designed and installed surveillance system can have a significant impact on your security problems. Analytics include abandoned object detection, line crossing, and license plate recognition. It is possible to catch the people illegally dumping at your dumpster, swimming after hours, breaking into units, or driving straight into your gates (trust me, we heard a lot of bizarre stories). Overall, it was a pleasure explaining the security solutions available for apartment communities.

Did you miss us at the Atlanta Apartment Association Trade Show?

Catch us at The Georgia Who's Who Showcase on June 8th from 2-6pm at the Georgia International Convention Center.


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The Gotcha team enjoyed meeting with industry professionals and showcasing our security solutions.

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