5 Tips to Improve Your Surveillance System

5 Tips to Improve Your Surveillance System

Your surveillance system was a significant investment, and like all investments, you want to see a return on that investment.  However, on a frequent basis, we see systems that are not providing their full potential.   We are going to provide you with 5 Tips to Improve Your Surveillance System:

Operator training

In today’s business world, there is a certain amount of knowledge required to operate an organization's equipment, such as software, key lock-boxes, and office equipment. Your surveillance system is no different.

Users should be trained how to view live feeds, retrieve footage, save footage, and modify users.  If your organization has multiple locations, it would be beneficial to create a training program for your users and include this in employee on-boarding (for appropriate positions).

If you need any assistance on creating a training program, please contact us.


We have seen several systems that users could not access due to the simple fact that they did not know the password. If you have a system that you cannot use due to password issues, please contact us as we may be able to assist.

Important: Never use the default password, always set it to something else.

Poor Camera Views

We are careful to sposition cameras to overlook the designated areas, but other firms not so careful or even just landscaping, etc. can degrade your surveillance.  Sometimes this is a tree branch that has grown in front of the camera, a camera that has been re-positioned due to vandalism/set screws loosening, or light from a window blinding the camera.

These problems should be fixed quickly to bring back the full potential that camera and your surveillance.

Verify proper operation

Like any other technological product out there, surveillance systems can malfunction.  This includes hard drives, cameras, wireless links or switches.  Unfortunately we have received calls from users trying to recover critical footage, only to find out that the hard drive failed weeks ago and nobody noticed.

Other missed items are non-functioning cameras and no remote access.  Users should perform scheduled checks to ensure all functions of the system are working appropriately not only gathering information but allowing you flexible accesss.

This is a critical issue for organizations, due to premise liability laws. Look for an upcoming blog on this topic.

A service contract from Gotcha Surveillance can deliver the peace-of-mind and insure proper operation.

Use it

You have to use the system for it to be of any use.  Numerous times, we have seen systems that just are not being used.  Based on your organization’s needs, this can include monitoring who is leaving trash at the compactor, reviewing employee safety practices, and client/guest interactions.

Your surveillance system can be a powerful tool to monitor various aspects of your business and help insure safe and efficient operations.


Looking for an even better return on your surveillance system?

Start being proactive not reactive!  Get notification of unwanted activities as they happen.

Look for an upcoming blog on how analytics can give your staff instantaneous notification of unwanted actions.

In the meantime, contact us at 678-430-3116 or sales@gotchasecurity.net

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